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What is Em-SLIK?

Em-SLIK is an application system for data processing and preparation of reports through the SLIK (Sistem Layanan Informasi Keuangan) which is web based and built using Microsoft NetCore 3.1 MVC technology, that is designed and developed to meet the needs of the same definition, format or technology used in SLIK reporting

Em-SLIK Features

Dynamic Validation Features

Em-SLIK validations are generated dynamically per field for each segment. The validation process is easy, fast and designed to fit typical reporting data.

Data Operation Features

Em-SLIK has a proven automatic flow to handle data operations, so that users do not need to be burdened with problems in the formation of data operations.

Preventive Features

The Preventive feature is the ability of Em-SLIK to avoid DBL (Unreported Data), Invalid Data (DTV) and the handling of return errors from OJK.

Backdate Service features

The backdate service feature is the ability of the Em-SLIK application to solve SLIK reporting problems for DBL data (DBL in an accumulated period of 1 year or more) become without DBL.

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