Dedicated In House Programmer

Expand your team cost-effectively: hire our dedicated web developers

Hire dedicated developers

Empore provides experienced dedicated web developers to all kind of businesses from startups to large enterprises. We’ve successfully delivered over 100 projects and our team of web developers is proud to have always been a valuable contribution to our clients’ success.

Over 5 years, Empore's team has accumulated knowledge and expertise by continuously training our staff, complying with high standards, and hiring top talents to build a top-notch dedicated team.

Easily augment your team size, whether you need 5, 50,
or even more developers with knowledge of:

dedicated frontend developers
dedicated backend developer

Web Developers Augmentation Process Flow

Web Developers Augmentation Process Flow


Work process
Meeting project deadlines
Achievement of project goals
Experience level of dedicated web developers
Quality code within the set timeframes
Security level

When Hire Dedicated Web Developers

You are a web agency or technical consultant staffing your team with dedicated developers to complete a web application
You'd like to move your business into mobile and need a developer to do it
You'd like to add more features or advanced functionality to your existing web app
Your business is small and you don’t have IT staff available to do a job
You have budget and time constraints and need a developer with hands-on experience straight away
dedicated web developer
Dedicated Web Developer
freelance developer
Freelance Developer
Works for IT company on a full-time basis
Works on a remote basis as an individual, hired to finish a specific project
High level, experienced in working full-time within dedicated development environments, which makes him/her a more professional service provider
Expertise level
High level, possesses a bundle of knowledge
Assigned to a specific project and dedicates all of his/her time to this project. Better positioned to focus on projects with tight deadlines.
Dedication level
Works over multiple projects at a time for multiple clients, spends time in marketing and networking to get more new projects, which can result in deadline delays
High, your project is always a high priority, web developer is available within working hours.
In case of emergency, the web developer can be replaced by another professional developer to complete your project
Availability level
Uncertain, can work over other projects simultaneously and prioritize other projects ahead of yours. Can disappear, leaving your project unfinished.
High, NDA with service provider is signed, critical data, ideas and other confidential information are secure.
Secure development environment with firewall, password, encryption
Security level
Uncertain, depends mainly on a freelance developer's conscience.